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Expungement of a Retail Theft

Posted August 12th, 2012 by admin

Expungement of a Summary OffenseHOW TO EXPUNGE A RETAIL THEFT OFFENSE

If you have been convicted of a retail theft, you might be able to get this offense expunged from your record.  Generally, if the amount of merchandise which was stolen had a value of less than $150.00 it will be graded as a summary offense.  Summary offenses can be expunged after five years as long as there have been no further prosecutions or arrests.

If you were accepted into the ARD (Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition) Program as a result of your arrest, the record can be expunged from your record after successful completion of the ARD Program.  Generally, ARD will include community service, reporting to a probation officer, and paying costs, fines, and restitution.  After you complete the ARD program, ask the probation officer or supervisor who oversaw you if they can provide you with an ARD completion certificate.  This will come in handy during the expungement process.

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