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How much does an Expungement Cost?

Posted November 15th, 2011 by admin

This is a tricky question.  As always, we recommend conuslting with an attorney or lawyer for the expungement process.  Legal fees aside, there is generally a charge to file your expungement petition.  This will vary depending which county you reside in, but generally it is under $30.  This is the case in both Philadelphia and Montgomery County.  If your petition is approved, there will be additional costs to send out the expungement orders to various offices and agencies.  Once again, this is county specifific – Montgomery, Philadelphia, Bucks, Lancaster, Delaware, Chester Counties all have different charges, and some don’t charge at all.  Check with your county’s court clerk or an attorney to determine what will be the cost for your particular county.

For more information, you may discuss with a Pennsylvania expungement lawyer.

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